Hello, I’m Austin Keith...

…and I believe in pushing the boundaries of Parish websites by producing high-quality work that fuels the engagement between Parishes and their Communities.


Welcome! My name is Austin Keith while I may refer to myself as a code-writing monkey, tech enthusiast or an Apple fanboy. My fascination with web design has led me to pursue continual self-guided and formal education in Computer Science. I am proud to be called a geek (in verb form) as a geek is one that engages and discusses computer-related tasks (sometimes obsessively) with great attention to technical detail.

As a tech enthusiast, I believe that the Roman Catholic Church needs a mobilized ground of technology professionals that can work as a team to solve a vast number of logistical problems. Now I do have to admit that (directly and plainly) that our beloved Mother Church needs a renewed sense of energy around the web. If not now, when? Working together in a very visceral way, in the unique tension between humility and professional, texted experience for the sole purpose of bringing people to the Church, and in turn to Christ.

I tweet @AustinKeith and occasionally post pics on Instagram.

My email is Austin@AusLogic.co.